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Inner Body Fitness is designed to guide women toward a stronger life... both physically and mentally.

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Why the Inner Body Way
is Different

Whether you are training with me one-on-one or following along in this class-based series, the Inner Body Way not only helps you discover your physical strength but helps you connect with your inner-self so that you can have the lifetime of success you deserve.

Through the years I have watched women struggle to maintain a healthy body image, weight, nutrition and
self-love.  People often expect quick results without ever addressing the inner journey, where the biggest
changes happen.

Through this series I will introduce you to a variety of different training methods so you can get the strength and endurance you want with the balance and
stability you need.
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"I've been active my whole life - sports in high school, hiking, running, you name it! I've never been STRONG, though. I first met Brittany when I attended the occasional Bootcamp or Strength & Sculpt class with my sister - I could barely even do a full push-up back then! I started training 1-on-1 with Brittany in 2018, and that's when I really started to see the changes in my mind and my body. I'm the strongest and most confident I have ever been and am stoked to keep getting stronger. Brittany is an excellent trainer. She knows how to motivate, when and how to push me to my limit, and when to back off. I've learned a lot - new lifting techniques, proper form, and what my body is capable of doing with the right support. Training with Brittany only gets better with time, and I recommend her to anyone that is looking to make lasting changes in their lives."

- Bethany Hedges


"I met Brittany three years ago during a very intense transitional period of my life. I had not been feeling good about the direction of my life was heading and the opportunity to work with a personal trainer aligned with my desire to treat my mind and body better. BUT I wasn't aware the trainer I was about to work with would be such an intrinsic part to my personal growth and healing. She has not only helped me understand the way my body works and build strength, she has also help me to transform how I view myself and to learn to thank my body for everything it does for me. Until I met Brittany, I did not realize this level of confidence and physical health was even an option for me. She pushes me when she knows I can take it and when I hit a wall she supports me through it. Truly I cannot recommend her more as a trainer and coach."

- Sarah Blakeman

Inner Body Fitness

What You Will Learn

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I am a huge advocate for self love and body acceptance. Each work out will start and end with setting your intentions for the session. You will hear me regularly speak about the importance of your self talk, accepting your body as it is, and some encouraging words to lift you up and push you to the next level. This will help you stay positive and remind you to be kind and allow yourself room to grow. The way we speak to ourselves is extremely important. We want to establish this habit in our daily routines so that we can move forward into a stronger and happier life.



Let's be honest, we all want a strong, toned body that makes us feel and look good.  Rest assured, one of the main focuses of Inner Body Fitness is achieving exactly that, we just go about it a little differently.  Namely, we not only focus on the outer, physical journey, we hone in on the inner, mental journey as well. By doing this we can slowly start to shift your mindset to help create the sustainable, long term changes that you are looking for. The tools you will learn will encourage you stay active, feel good, enjoy (almost) every minute of it, and understand your body and what it needs.  

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