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The Inner Body Way

Your journey starts now!

Each work out will start and end with setting your intentions for the session. You will hear me regularly speak about the importance of your self talk, accepting your body as it is, and some encouraging words to lift you up and push you to the next level. This will help you stay positive and remind you to be kind and allow yourself room to grow. The way we speak to ourselves is extremely important. We want to establish this habit in our daily routines so that we can move forward into a stronger and happier life.

Work out anywhere.

These videos I created are yours to keep, you can view them online here indefinitely or download each video directly to your device.

Work out


40 min Video

Work Out


I recommend

+ 20 min Alternate Programs


...The Inner Body Way not only helps you discover your physical strength but helps you connect with your inner-self...

Sneak peek of the Inner Body Way

Designed to guide you toward a stronger life...

both physically and mentally.

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