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Your Journey Starts Now

Inner Body Fitness guides you toward a stronger life...

both physically and mentally.

Everyone’s goals are different, whether it be weight loss, endurance, strength, injury rehab or creating a new lifestyle. Regardless, there is one commonality between them: the need and respect we have for our bodies.

Right now – in this moment – you are making a choice to take action and start moving towards your goals. This is no small feat and can, at times, feel very overwhelming. 
We will work together, as a team, to create a program that fits your goals and allows you to obtain the results you deserve in a realistic, approachable way.


Movement is medicine. Nothing benefits us more in life than using our body the way it was intended. Our bodies deserve to be strong, capable and loved.



Nourishing our body shouldn’t need to be complicated. The way I see it, food is fuel for our bodies to grow, change and stay energized. 



Self-love and acceptance are vital to our journey’s success. A positive attitude towards ourself is the missing piece in long term change.

3 Paths




Through the years I have watched women struggle to maintain a healthy body image, weight, nutrition and self-love. People often expect quick results without ever addressing the inner journey, where the biggest changes happen.

My goal is to create a program that allows you to grow and achieve your goals without depriving you or over training. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain strength, balance hormones, rehab an injury or feel better about yourself my approach and programming are all based on you and your needs. Health and fitness is NOT one size fits all so why should your programming be? 

Let me show you a better way to reach your goals!

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Let's be honest, we all want a strong, toned body that makes us feel and look good. Rest assured, one of the main focuses of Inner Body Fitness is achieving exactly that.

We just go about it a little differently.

Namely, we not only focus on the outer, physical journey, we hone in on the inner, mental journey as well. By doing this we can slowly start to shift your mindset to help create the sustainable, long term changes that you are looking for. The tools you will learn will encourage you to stay active, feel good, enjoy (almost) every minute of it – and understand your body and what it needs.


Let’s make things a little easier. No need to cut out food groups, diet, or deny yourself the foods you love. Inner Body Fitness is about creating balance in your life, so we approach food in the same way. The way I see it, food is fuel for your body to perform and function healthily. The better you feed it, the better it will feel. I will break down the basics and teach you ways to nourish your body that will fit seamlessly into YOUR LIFESTYLE. 

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I am a huge advocate for self love and body acceptance. You will hear me regularly speak about the importance of your self talk, accepting your body as it is, and some encouraging words to lift you up and push you to the next level. This will help you stay positive and remind you to be kind and allow yourself room to grow. The way we speak to ourselves is extremely important. We want to establish this habit in our daily routines so that we can move forward into a stronger and happier life.


"I have been training with Brittany for 4 years. Not only is she a dedicated, kind and knowledgeable coach, she is a delightful person! She has helped me understand my aging body in ways no one else has. From nutrition, to after workout care, to gently nudging me beyond what I think I can do, she does it all! I honestly can't say enough about how great this has been and how thankful I am for my friend and coach!"
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Are you ready to create lasting results?


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