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Move For Your Mental Health

Your mental health is vitally important and for those that battle with anxiety and depression with me learning to find tools that help should be your top priority.

These are a few of the tools I rely on when I’m struggling

〰Movement is medicine!! Get outside for a walk, run or head to the gym to lift or grab your mat and do a yoga class from home. Whatever it is, connect to your body and release the negative energy.

〰Stop, drop and meditate! If I don’t have time to do a 10-15 minute session I find a quiet spot where I can sit and repeat my intentions. I always place one hand on my heart and the other on my stomach…this helps ground me, calm me and center me.

〰Journal! I have many journals depending on what I need in the moment but ultimately as long as you’re getting out how you feel then that’s all that matters. Need help staying positive? Try a gratitude journal.

〰Find your happy song! Yes, I have a play list dedicated to making me dance and sing. I do not play depressing music when I’m already feeling that way. Play something that makes you smile.

〰Last but not least BREATH! Remember that this is a moment that will pass. The more you pressure yourself to be “okay” the worse in will make you feel. Listen to your needs, surround yourself with people that support you and take a moment to reflect.

Whether you are experiencing mental health struggles for the first time or have lived with them your whole life, when things start to feel overwhelming please know that you are not alone and please don’t be scared to find a therapist that can help guide you through it. Being alone doesn’t help (trust me, I’ve been there) lean on your people and talk about how you feel.

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