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I wish I could tell you that I grew up living a healthy lifestyle, loving my body, and mastering my mental health issues… but sadly that’s not the case. 

Who I am today has required a lot of work and dedication in order to overcome the issues that I struggled with for most of my life.

My health and fitness journey started in my early twenties when, as I suspect is common for many of us, I was battling with body issues and wanted to lose weight. I was a competitive dancer from the time I could walk up to my early 20s. It wasn’t until I stopped dancing that I immediately recognized that movement was an integral and vital key to my happiness.  Following that recognition, I became a gym rat and fell in love with the strength, power, and growth I was experiencing. I made the decision right then to pursue this new passion and started my career as a fitness expert and personal trainer.

Throughout my 13 years in the fitness arena, I have recognized an unfortunate trend amongst many of the women I work with; a lack of self-love and acceptance. Despite what a person comes to me for, be it injury recovery, weight loss, strength training, etc., there was often an underlying tone of self-hate. Having gone through these issues myself, I really started to reflect and ask “at what point do we, or can we, love ourselves?”. This question helped me realize that I wanted to offer my clients more then just physical fitness...

I wanted to help my clients reach lasting results through self-growth and change in mindset.

Through my personal journey and growth process, I adopted nutrition as a focus primarily because of my own past eating disorder, but also because I wanted to be able to truly help and guide my clients. I know how much I have struggled with food and I again noticed that a lot of women had the same misconceptions as I did, the “less is more” or “carbs are bad” mentality, and so on.  So I decided to dig deeper and went back to school to get accredited as a Sports Nutritionist. It is important to me that I be able to really understand the depth of what nutrition does for our bodies and really help educate my clients as they grow past their own hang-ups.

My passion is helping people discover and become their best selves.

Having dealt with a long and storied past which includes abuse, anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem, an eating disorder, and so on, really gives me a deeper understanding of what many people commonly battle. Creating change can be hard when there are so many things holding you back from achieving your goals. For me, once I decided to turn my energy inwards and focus positively on my journey, the change I was seeking became a reality. My body and “self” are the result of embracing healing, accepting the love I have discovered for myself, and the self-respect I gained from putting the time and effort into growing. It didn’t matter how “skinny” or “happy” I was in the past, my self-hate always got in the way of my peace. Finally having the realization that I can be happy and fit at any size was a game changer for me, and is something I want to share with anyone and everyone who struggles the way I did, and do. 

We are not alone. 
We don’t have to battle in silence. 
We don’t have to feel “not good enough” at every turn.

My goal is to help guide you into a life full of confidence, strength and love. Each person deserves to feel love, and to be loved. With small, achievable changes we can find the right tools that work for you. I want every single one of my clients, whether you are with me for years or for a short period of time, to leave with a better understanding and connection to yourself. 

Your self-acceptance, self-truth, strength, and positive outlook is the foundation for your life. I want you to feel that every single day, inside and out.

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